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About Us

Our Mission
Blessed Box connects the community to support and nourish mums in the postpartum period through the gift of food.

Our Vision
We envision a region where all mothers are fully supported by the community to navigate the postpartum period, while maintaining the highest levels of wellbeing.

How we do it 
Blessed Box provides a beautifully curated box containing a prepared family meal, cupcakes and a breastfeeding/ sleep deprivation snack pack for a Mother with a new baby, in the Clutha District, free of charge.

Motherhood is hard, however life postpartum can be a particularly challenging time. To give the gift of food is something that has been said to truly brighten what can be a very tough couple of days, weeks and months for a new Mother.

This is a way of practically supporting a Mother's physical and mental health during the postnatal period. We hold the Mother at the centre of our work, acknowledging that if we look after her, we look after the whole family.



The "Why"


The percentage of women who experience postnatal depression


The percentage of women who experience postnatal anxiety


The number of babies born in the Clutha District in 2019


The percentage of men who develop postnatal depression

Just some

Sleep deprivation; breastfeeding challenges; hormonal changes; relationship changes; less time; more responsibility; high expectations; crying baby - just some of the challenges faced by mothers early in the postpartum period


The percentage of mothers who are tired in the first days, weeks and years after having a baby

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