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Is it really free?

Totally! If you are expecting a baby, you are eligible for a free Blessed Box. 

I have been referred, when will I get my Blessed Box?

We make the boxes on the last Saturday of each month and deliver fresh! So you will get your Blessed Box on the last weekend of the month you were due. 

I wasn't referred when I was pregnant and now my newborn is here! Can I still get a Blessed Box?

Contact us and we will make sure you get your Blessed Box - no new mother misses out! 

What actually comes in my Blessed Box?

In the box you'll get the meal that was selected upon referral, a box of 6 cupcakes, and a breastfeeding/sleep deprivation snack pack - that's only for you, the mother. 

Why a breastfeeding/ sleep deprivation snack pack?

We acknowledge that not all mothers can or choose to breast feed, but you're still doing the hard yakka raising a new born and you're likely sleep deprived. You still need snacks to get through!

Who can refer a mother?

Anyone! If you are a friend, husband, partner, mother, health provider - you can refer! 

Where do I have to live to qualify for a box?

These boxes are provided to mothers with a new baby who live in the Clutha District. If you are not sure if that's you, get in touch

Can my business get involved?

For sure! Contact us and we can talk about how. 

How many boxes am I eligible for?

Each mother with a new baby is entitled to one Blessed Box.

If a mother is referred multiple times, the first referral will be acknowledged by default. 

When do referrals close each month?

To ensure we have time to plan and prepare for the upcoming boxes, referrals close the Saturday prior to the cook. 

If you are too late to refer in the due date month, the referral will be recognised in the following month's cook and delivery. 

My baby came early, can I get my Blessed Box earlier?

Contact us before the closing date of the current month's referrals and we will ensure you get your box early. If you don't you will still receive your Blessed Box in your due date month. 

Specific Dietary Requirements

If you have specific dietary requirements, please ket us know when making the referral. The nacho meal can be made vegan, gluten free and dairy free upon request.

We can not guarantee there will not be trace amounts of allergens in the meal however. 

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